What am I even thinking starting a blog?!?

As I sat at my friend’s house yesterday I came to realize that I should write a blog.  I should write a blog because I love to teach and I love to share. So here I am.

First let me introduce myself. My name is Lindsey and I grew up in a fairly small town. Not so small that ALL my classmates were cousins, but small enough that if you messed up your mom knew about it before you got home.

When I graduated high school I swore I was going to become a pharmacist. Well, I hated it! Once my senior year of college started it was time to apply for pharmacy school, but I was dreading it. I started my classes that Fall and found that I actually really enjoyed two of them. Language Development and Language Science. So I said screw going to pharmacy school and began looking into the degree that required these courses.

Speech-Lanuage Pathology– you mean there’s a job where I can teach people what I do best! I mean there’s nothing I love more than talking. Talking to myself, talking to my dog, talking to other people… you get the idea. So I talked my way right into the 4th ranked master’s program in the nation at the University of Kansas. Rock chalk!!

I graduated from KU in 2013 and moved to North Dakota. I loved my job! I loved North Dakota, but I missed my family and my friends. I felt like I was missing out on so much. Then I got the call. My newlywed cousin lost her husband in a freak accident. Her husband was also my boyfriend’s best friend. And what was I doing?!? I was sitting in North Dakota feeling like there was nothing I could do. At that point in time I realized what was most important to me. Family!

I quit my job in ND and moved back home. My then boyfriend and I got engaged. We got married 6 months later, moved into our first house, and had our first child all in the same year.

That brings me to present day.  My son is now 4 1/2 months old and I’m back to work as a Speech-Language Pathologist. I love my job but I’m stuck in a similar predicament as before. Work vs. Family. I dread leaving my son everyday and can’t wait to get home to see his face every night. So I’ve been looking for a way to potentially spend more time at home while still covering the bills and my student loans.

This is it guys! SeneGence is what is going to help me stay home with my baby! This is going to help me cover my bills while working from home.

SeneGence is a direct sales company that manufactures an abundance of beauty products that are life changing! Skincare, treatments, long lasting cosmetics that are anti-aging and sooooo much more. My plan is to teach you all how great these products are and to share this success with you (if you choose to join me)!

Tune in for more and watch me grow!



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